Eventide to Exhibit at the NENA 2022 Conference – Booth 509

Visit Eventide at the NENA 2022 conference to learn about our latest innovations in Next Generation recording. We will be demonstrating the new Enhanced RapidSOS Integration, new Cloud-based Archiving Options, and Eventide’s new Speech Factor AI transcription service – which can help agencies be much more productive with fewer resources.

Contact Mark Traeger (Eventide’s VP of Sales) to pre-arrange a meeting or a demonstration. 

New! Speech Factor AI

Automated Transcription Option for NexLog DX-Series Recorders

Faster Call Selection for QA, Faster Research, Faster Incident Reconstruction and Improved Situational Awareness! 

These are all now possible with Eventide’s new Speech Factor AI transcription-as-a-service offering. Speech Factor AI leverages a leading cloud-based artificial intelligence transcription service to automatically find important keywords and phrases within recorded interactions. Speech Factor AI lets you search for calls based on keyword content. This can greatly reduce the time and effort needed to locate calls that are related to an incident – for more efficient QA, research, and incident reconstruction. In addition, situational awareness can be enhanced by scanning for words that occur during live calls and automatically alerting upon a match.

Eventide Recorders Enhance Security Operations Worldwide

When a Critical Security Incident occurs, organizations worldwide rely on their NexLog DX-Series Recording Solution to provide accurate evidence of the communications that occurred before, during, and after the incident. For this reason, Eventide recorders are now considered a key security component at many Hospitals, Colleges, Universities, Stadiums, Rail and Subway Networks, School Districts, Casino Resorts, Theme Parks, Distribution Centers, Factories, Airports and Government Centers.

Contact Eventide to learn how NexLog DX-Series recording solutions can enhance incident investigations. 

Eventide is 100% USA based – Providing Solutions Worldwide

Eventide Inc. is 100% USA owned and operated. Our NexLog DX-series Software Development, Software QA, Sales, Marketing, Production, Fulfillment and Technical Support teams are all located within the USA. 

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