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Record alongside the system you already have

Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive collaboration platform developed by Microsoft that integrates various communication tools to facilitate efficient teamwork. Centralized chat, video conferencing, and real-time document editing and file sharing in one platform reduces the need for multiple applications, and advanced security features and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 make it widely adopted in diverse sectors.

Organizations are shifting to solutions like Microsoft Teams to provide employees with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and services. Eventide Communications now integrates with Microsoft Teams to offer a comprehensive recording solution. We record VoIP lines within the Microsoft Teams phone system alongside your current recording needs.

With the addition of Microsoft Teams to Eventide’s list of 80+ integrations for 911 and administrative telephone systems, land mobile radio, and radio consoles, Eventide gives its users a single pane of glass. Having all recordings consolidated in one system with an Eventide NexLog DX recorder reduces operational costs, improves operational efficiencies, and gives you court-admissible evidence that will hold up to the legal requirement of proving chain of custody.

  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams to screen, radio, and other telephone sources
  • Cloud and on-premises recording storage options
  • Easy and hassle-free deployment setup – takes less than an hour!
  • Built-in security with data segregation to achieve NIST 800-53 guidelines
  • Reliability with built-in 2N configuration
  • Advanced media player for research and analytics
  • Superior voice-to-text transcription (optional feature)

Deployment Options

On-Premise Solutions with Proxy to
Microsoft Teams in the Cloud

Your on-premise Eventide NexLog DX recorder will connect to a Microsoft Teams proxy/bot hosted by Eventide and receive recordings in real-time.   

100% Software Solution

Host an Eventide NexLog DX recorder enabled for Teams in your hosting environment or leverage a NexLog DX recorder hosted by Eventide.


Security and Recording Policy Management

The security of your Microsoft Teams cloud handling is paramount. You have complete control over the recording policy to ensure the privacy and compliance of your organization's communications. Optionally, Eventide can provide a FIPS-compliant (140-2) hardened Linux appliance.

Features for Accessing Calls

  • Search by Phone Number – locate specific calls based on phone numbers
  • Search by Agent – easily find calls associated with specific agents or users
  • Instant Recall – quickly retrieve and review recorded calls for critical situations

Recording Capabilities

The NexLog DX recorder captures various interactions within the Microsoft Teams phone system. This includes interactions via dedicated phone lines and softphones installed on mobile devices. Future versions will support video calls, screen sharing, and conference chat.

Record alongside the system you already have . . .

People choose Eventide because it works. We integrate with everything you need, and our recorders keep your organization secure and reduce your liabilities.

Don’t sacrifice operational efficiencies and cost by having a Microsoft Teams-only solution alongside another recorder capturing your non-Teams information . . .

Have all your recordings in one place. Contact Eventide Communications or your local dealer to learn more about recording your Microsoft Teams phone lines.

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