Eventide NexLog DX-Series Voice Recording Systems (VRS) comply with the voice recording requirements per ICAO Annex 10. 

NexLog DX-Series Voice Recording Systems (VRS) can record from the complete range of ATC and ATM audio sources, including:

  • Legal Recording
  • Ground Radio Stations (GRS): Analog or ED137B/C-Part 4 (Voice over IP)
  • Voice Communications Control Systems (VCCS): Analog, T1, E1, or ED137B/C-Part 4 (Voice over IP)
  • Controller Working Positions (CWP): Analog or ED137B/C-Part 4 (Voice over IP)
  • Ambient Microphones: Analog audio from amplified sources
  • Administrative Telephones: Digital, Analog, or VoIP Telephones

ED137B/C Part 4: Interoperability wth Next Generation VoIP Air Traffic Management Systems:

Eventide offers advanced NexLog DX-Series Voice Recording Systems (VRS) that implement the ED137B/Part 4 and ED137C/Part 4 VoIP recording Interface, as defined under European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment (EUROCAE) WG67.

This capability allows Eventide NexLog DX-Series recorders to interoperate with and record from ED137B/Part 4 and ED137C/Part 4 Ground Radio Stations (GRS), Controller Working Positions (CWP), and Voice Communications & Control Systems (VCCS).

Eventide is a member of the EUROCONTROL VOTE (VoIP in ATM Implementation and Transition Expert) group, which deals with validation and deployment matters related to next generation VoIP communications used in Air Traffic Management (ATM). Eventide is also a participant in EUROCAE Working Group 67 (WG-67).

Eventide Application Note – ED137 Recording 

Eventide at the 2019 FAA ED-137C Interoperability Event:

Eventide’s NexLog VRS engineering team actively participated at the FAA’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Interoperability Event, which took place in Atlantic City, New Jersey, from April 29th through May 10th, 2019.  This FAA event created a multi-vendor proving ground to evaluate and validate the ED-137C specification as the international VoIP standard for ATM applications.   

Replay Synchronization with Thales TopSky:

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series Voice Recording Systems (VRS) are capable of interoperation with the Thales TopSky Air Navigation System, providing synchronized replay of recorded audio along with replay of the controller’s working position screen imagery.  Eventide’s Voice Recording System (VRS) has successfully passed testing at Thales Air Systems in Rungis, France for interoperability with TopSky ATC X release 3.20. Testing occurred during the week of 31 March, 2016. Tests including VRS ICD Protocol, replay search, play, pause, and resume were performed. The Eventide Recording System (VRS) passed all interoperability tests, and was able to record and playback voice synchronized with TopSky Playback server at the Controller Working Position (CWP).

Replay Synchronization via API:

Eventide offers custom API options for the control of time-synchronized audio replay by third-party radar/air navigation applications.

Data Recording and CWP Screen Recording

Eventide and our technology partners offer comprehensive solutions for recording & replay of ATC/ATM voice communications, ASTERIX data, and CWP screens.  Please contact Eventide’s Sales Department for additional information and quotation.

Designed, Assembled and Supported in the USA

NexLog DX-Series communications recorders and software applications are developed and maintained in the USA by Eventide’s highly-talented engineering team – assuring prompt responses to changing market needs and customer requirements. In addition, all NexLog DX-Series recorders are assembled, tested, and supported at our New Jersey USA production and support facility.