Our mission was clear from the start: to capture every sound and every word with unwavering precision. This commitment laid the foundation for our evolution into a mission-critical communications leader.

Our journey began in 1971 in Little Ferry, New Jersey. Rooted in history with Eventide Audio we were founded as a broadcast radio recording company with the requirement to record audio and never miss a thing. Our first call-logging innovation was a product that allowed broadcasters to record radio 24/7 to monitor quality and track billing for commercials. These early seeds of innovative recording grew quickly. As universal 911 came into existence in the 80s, our focus shifted to 911 call recording, laying the groundwork for what Eventide Communications would become.

In the early 1990s, Eventide developed digital voice logging recorders that enabled broadcasters, police, 911 centers and utilities to begin archiving digital audio with improved quality and far greater storage capabilities than they previously had to work with. Still, as we grew, we recognized the distinct needs across different market segments. By the early 2000s, it became evident that a specialized approach was necessary. The pivotal turn for Eventide Communications came around 2005, introducing products tailored explicitly for 911 PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points). A few years later, the launch of the 911-T signalled a decisive pivot toward mission-critical communications. This focused approach has driven our growth and has expanded our footprint tenfold since the early 1990s.

While Eventide Communications has been in motion since the 1990s, it officially became a distinct division of Eventide in January 2023. Driving our vision forward is a dedicated team led by Brad Basile (COO), Matt Schwartz (CTO), Mark Traeger (VP of Sales), and a large team of specialized engineers.

By 2012, our product line evolved into the NexLog DX-Series. Our NexLog 740 and 840 DX-Series models are at the forefront of our product line, exemplifying the cornerstone of our brand: our commitment to Innovative Reliability.

Eventide Communications is more than just another name in the critical communications industry. With over 8,000 installs (over 3,500 of them in PSAPs), we’re the market leader in the USA, particularly for PSAPs. Our unmatched reliability, ease of use, Linux-based operating systems, and unparalleled privileged integrations differentiate us.

At our core, we are about helping people. From safeguarding public agencies to empowering civilians, we provide irrefutable evidence that shields countless entities from liabilities. And when it’s time to revisit those recorded moments, the process is seamless and intuitive.

Our connection to Eventide Audio is more than just historic. Eventide Audio founders Richard Factor and Tony Agnello were honored with the 2018 Grammy Award for their technical contributions to the music world. Their pioneering technology still influences our designs, fusing top-notch audio with critical communications.


Our ambitions are clear: to be the global leader in mission-critical recording. With immediate plans to encompass more than 80% of all US PSAPs and extend our footprint across various sectors, the future is promising.

Eventide Communications isn’t just a company; it’s a legacy of innovation, trust, and reliability. We are here not because recording is what we do but because it’s who we are — guardians of moments, champions of clarity, and pioneers of Innovative Reliability.