NexLog DX Reporting Engine Software

Highly-flexible reporting engine software with actionable information and insight for managers and supervisors

The highly-flexible Reporting Engine DX option for NexLog DX-Series recording solutions is pre-loaded with standard reports, or you can easily build custom reports. Reports are delivered automatically to users at designated times, days and intervals. The NexLog Reporting Engine gets actionable information to supervisors and directors when they need it, increasing awareness and potentially changing the outcomes of critical situations.

Reports Available

9-1-1 Call Counts By Local Exchange Carrier Report

This report is based on LEC identifier data for 9-1-1 calls (provided via CAD-Spill ANI/ALI Integration).  This type of report is available in Pie and Bar graphs. For more detailed analysis of each LEC’s 9-1-1 call delivery activity, you can add additional filters such as Class of Service or Confidence Factor.

Report building software

Geographic Call Density Report

This report is based on the geo-coordinate location data for E9-1-1cellular calls (data provided via CAD-Spill ANI/ALI Integration). For this type of report, you can define the geo-boundaries and select the desired recording criteria.

Geographic density engine report

New Incidents Created Report

This report allows you to see the latest incidents that have been created. In addition, you can replay each of the incident’s audio recordings directly from the report.

Report building software Incident tracker

Word Cloud for Call Notes Report

This report lets you identify the most commonly used words in the Call Notes that have been entered by users. This type of report can also be used to see the commonly used words in captured TDD interactions, SMS-to-911 tty interactions, and NG9-1-1 Text interactions.

Reporting engine analyzer

Evaluator Activity Report

This report allows you to quickly compare Evaluators’ activity for different time periods by viewing how many evaluations were completed. Additional reports are available to see the scores given by Evaluators.

Reporting engines evaluator activity

User Login Activity Report

This report allows you to track each users’ login times and durations.

User Login Activity Report Screen

Call Activity By Channel Report

With this report, you can easily see channel statistics for any telephone or radio resource. Call Activity reports can also be generated against CallTakers to view their average call resolution time.

Report building software for Call activity

Exception Reports

This report allows you to quickly view call counts for extremely long and extremely short calls. Exception reporting can help you determine the number of potentially abandoned calls that were answered at each position, as well as the number of extended-length calls at each position. Call length parameters (both long and short) can be customized in each report.

Reporting engine exception report

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Evaluation Analysis

This report shows you scoring trends for each Skill-type. You can also compare the results from multiple Evaluation Groups, Shifts, Teams, or Agents.

Trends from the engine report

This report shows you and compares the scoring trends for selected evaluation questions.

See Reports on Evaluation Analysis

View All Available Reports

Cross Platform Support

NexLog DX-Series Recording Solutions provide an advanced HTML5 browser-based interface for use on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, as well as on Android and iOS tablets and phones.

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