Fire & Rescue

Recording solutions for fire departments and rescue agencies

Fire & Rescue

Recording solutions for fire departments and rescue agencies

Whether it’s coverage for your volunteer fire department, the fire department on your military base, or an entire fire and rescue district, Eventide recording solutions will protect your agency with proof of protocol.

Eventide’s NexLog recording systems are used by fire departments and rescue agencies worldwide to record mission-critical communications reliably and securely. These recorders capture and replay dispatch radio channels, tactical radio channels, telephone calls and dispatch console activity when you need it most.

Do you need an affordable, compact recording solution? Your agency is never too small to be protected.

NexLog EXP

This compact recording solution is for organizations that need eight or fewer audio inputs recorded. The NexLog EXP recorder is designed to record analog, digital, and VoIP audio inputs from telephone systems, SIP-based intercom systems, radio consoles, and IP-based DMR and NXDN radio systems. It includes Eventide’s MediaWorks EXP software for intuitive browsing, replay and export of recordings. Fire and rescue agencies will benefit from this affordable recording solution that offers the same secure, reliable support as Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recorders.

Do you need an affordable, compact recording solution? Your agency is never too small to be protected.

NexLog EXP-M

This portable, DC-powered recording solution is for your rugged fire and rescue applications. NexLog EXP-M captures and stores critical voice communications in harsh, remote, and off-grid environments. Its easy-to-use interface for audio replay, audio export and system configuration is based on Eventide’s highly reliable NexLog DX-Series recording software.

• Automatic archiving
• Record from 2 & 4 analog or VoIP sources
• 1 to 8 audio inputs
• 100% DC-powered
• Extreme environment tolerance • EN 50155 vibration and impact compliant

Protect yourself before you need it.

Recordings are mission-critical. When your operations are investigated, or it’s incident report time, you need quick, reliable, and intuitive tools to research, replay and export your critical recordings. Now is the time to be prepared and protected.

Do you need maximum functionality and scalability for your enterprise-level PSAP recording?

NexLog DX-Series

NexLog DX-Series recorders capture, record, and archive all calls, video, and screen activity for instant recall, forensic replay, incident reconstruction, burn to CD/DVD/Blu-ray, email export, and more. Each NexLog DX-Series recorder is custom-built with reliability and ease of use at its core.

All NexLog DX-Series software includes:
• MediaWorks DX UI/UX
• Web-based configuration management tools
• NIST-compliant security
• Granular password policies
• TLS and AES-256 encryption
• Linux reliability and stability
• High-performance relational database

Protect yourself before you need it.

Having the ability to record our department’s Fireground radio communications would allow our department to perform complete after-action reviews ensuring the team follows communication protocols accurately and with a high degree of discipline. It would also allow us to recreate scenarios that led up to a Mayday and validate that resulting RIT team direction and actions were timely and appropriate.

Sid Sanocki
St. Paul Fire Department, St. Paul, MN

Protect Yourself

NexLog EXP-M recorders capture command vehicle communications that may not be recorded by the PSAP.

Identify Communication Problems

Incident replay and review help identify geographic coverage gaps, audio clarity issues, intermittent dropouts, interference, noise, and more.

Instant Recall

Incident commanders can quickly replay what team members have said on radio channels using the NexLog Instant Recall function.

Evaluate Dispatch Performance

Eventide’s Quality Assurance software option aids in the evaluation of dispatch and call handling accuracy and performance.

Enhance your Post-Incident Review

Telephone, dispatch, and tactical communications are directly available for replay without needing to place requests for audio recordings from other agencies, saving time and enhancing your fire department’s records management system.

Let us help you with your mission-critical recordings.

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