NexLog DX-FIPS Recorders

Now JITC Certified for voice, data, and multimedia

NexLog DX-FIPS Recorders

Now JITC Certified for voice, data, and multimedia

JITC Certification for 5 Interfaces

Join the ranks of informed leaders leveraging the power of JITC-approved technology.
Eventide has attained certification for VoIP/SIP, Analog, Avaya, Cisco and Oracle SBC interfaces.

Eventide’s commitment to delivering industry-leading, reliable, and secure communication systems is going to the next level. We’re excited to announce that our acclaimed NexLog DX-FIPS recorders are now JITC certified, ensuring compatibility and security for the demanding needs of the U.S. military, DoD projects, Five Eyes (FYEY) countries, U.S. and FYEY federal and state organizations, and allied intelligence agencies.

The Eventide Advantage


The NexLog DX-FIPS recorder is not just a solution; it’s your strategic ally in meeting military-grade communication demands.

FIPS-Compliant Version recorders are now JITC Certified and eligible for a JITC License.

In addition to the same baseline features and functions as a standard NexLog DX-Series recording solution, Eventide’s NexLog DX-FIPS recorders offer:

  • Advanced Security: JITC certification demonstrates adherence to DoD security requirements for VoIP/SIP, Analog, Avaya, Cisco and Oracle SBC interfaces, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.
  • A yearly security disposition report for the latest software
  • OS Security Patch resolution in accordance with DoD standards
  • Security-hardened standard mode
  • DoD security-hardened mode for advanced configurations
  • Optional JITC support mode and deployment documentation
  • NIST 800-53 security disposition report
  • FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 140-3 Encryption
  • Optional OS shell access
  • SAML SSO support for user and credential management
  • Security scan resolution support
  • Monitoring tool support for third-party agents

Our products offer:

  • Improved Interoperability: Seamless integration into your existing systems for streamlined operations and reduced downtime. Phone, Dispatch, and Radio are consolidated in a single system with a unified interface.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reliable and robust performance even in the most demanding environments – air, land, sea operations, and base facilities.
  • Sustained Compliance: Regular updates to meet evolving NIST and STIG guidelines.
  • Made in the USA: Based on COTS technology where possible and selected from vetted suppliers, all software development, testing, and assembly are completed in the USA.

Compliance Standards:

  • Network Device Management SRG, V4R1 4/23/2021
  • Network Infrastructure Policy STIG V10R4 1/13/2023
  • Voice/Video over Internet Protocol (VVoIP) STIG V3R15 7/26/2022
  • Web Server SRG V3R1 10/21/2022
  • CIS Distribution Independent Linux Server L2 v2.0.0
  • CIS Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS Server L2 v2.1.0
  • DISA STIG Ubuntu 20.04 LTS v2r4

Why JITC Certification Matters

NexLog DX-Series

The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification is a globally recognized gold standard for military-grade technology. The JITC reviews, tests, and certifies system interfaces for which Eventide has attained certification for five interface types and variants. This process ensures compliance with the rigorous security protocols and interoperability requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

JITC certification allows you to plug in and interface NexLog DX-FIPS series recording solutions and interoperate with other secure systems without the need for additional certification, re-certification, governance, or compliance oversight – anywhere in the world.

JITC-approved products meet the strict guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and comply with the U.S. military-approved Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs). This means our NexLog DX-FIPS recorders are security-hardened to deliver unparalleled security and performance for your mission-critical operations. JITC certification offers the credentials required for a product or solution to be included on the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) Approved Products List (APL). The DoDIN APL is an acquisition decision support tool for DoD organizations and government bodies to streamline their technology selection process related to cybersecurity and compatibility.

Take Command Now

Don’t compromise when it comes to establishing secure communications and your interoperability needs. Choose our JITC-approved recorders for peace of mind and to achieve seamless DoD interoperability.

Ready to elevate your communication capabilities? Click the button below to get started with a NexLog DX-FIPS recorder – your target for advanced, secure, and reliable communication solutions.

Empowering Commanders. Ensuring Security. Exceeding Expectations.

Designed to deliver unprecedented reliability and performance, our NexLog DX-FIPS recorders are at the forefront of JITC-certified communication technology. These recorders are developed with military-grade security and reliability, providing clear, reliable audio capture and advanced data management capabilities.

They offer rapid search capabilities, intuitive user interfaces, and fail-safe redundancy measures. NexLog DX-FIPS recorders’ enhanced features ensure seamless integration into existing communication systems, significantly improving interoperability and data integrity.

Identify Communication Problems

Incident replay and review help identify communications procedural gaps, audio clarity issues, timeline validation, interference, noise, and more.

Instant Recall

Incident commanders can actively monitor or quickly replay communications using the Instant Recall function.

Evaluate Dispatch Performance

Eventide’s Quality Assurance software option offers integrated performance evaluation tools to sample and monitor call handling accuracy and performance over time.

Enhance your Post-Mission Review

Telephone, dispatch, and tactical communications are directly available for replay and export in one intuitive interface, saving time and enhancing your department’s ability to improve on each subsequent mission.

FIPS 140-2 Baseline

Eventide’s NexLog DX-FIPS is a special-order FIPS-Compliant Version of the trusted Nexlog DX-Series software. This software version meets the enhanced encryption and system security requirements for federal government applications and is a required baseline to purchase a JITC license. Soon to be FIPS 140-3 ratified.

The Eventide Advantage

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