Eventide to Exhibit at APCO 2022 in Anaheim

Visit us at APCO Booth 719 to learn about the latest NexLog DX-Series product developments, including the new Speech Factor AI-based voice transcription service, new Mission Critical PTT recording solutions and much more.

Easily Add New Capabilities to Meet Changing Needs

Eventide offers many NexLog plug-in options that can help your agency meet new and evolving requirements. Some of the most popular NexLog plug-ins for public safety include:

  • RapidSOS Integration: Captures rich data and location for mobile 911 calls.
  • Geo-Location: Displays mobile 911 caller locations on an integrated map.
  • MediaWorks Mobile: Secure access to live and recent calls from a Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Quality Factor QA: Easily evaluate call takers’ compliance with standards.
  • Screen Recording: Captures every action taken during each call or incident.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Provides actionable intelligence and improved resource monitoring.
  • Speech Factor AI Transcription: Helps accelerate your QA and incident reconstruction processes (for NexLog DX-Series recorders only).
  • Multi-Media Option: Add videos, images, and more to an exportable incident.
  • Pack and Go Option: Export incidents along with an easily installed MediaWorks player.

To learn more about these powerful plug-in options, please contact your authorized Eventide reseller or reach out to us at loggers@eventide.com or call201-641-1200 extn. 2640

Eventide is now “RapidSOS Ready”

Eventide has achieved the “RapidSOS Ready” designation, in recognition of our comprehensive integration to the RapidSOS platform. Approximately 100 NexLog users have already added the Eventide RapidSOS Integration plug-in to their recording solution. Contact us to learn how this popular integration plug-in can greatly enhance your agency’s live and forensic operations.

Eventide is 100% USA based – Providing Solutions Worldwide

Eventide Inc. is 100% USA owned and operated. Our NexLog DX-series Software Development, Software QA, Sales, Marketing, Production, Fulfillment and Technical Support teams are all located within the USA. 

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