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NexLog DX-Series Recording Solutions for Digital Radio Systems and IP Dispatch Systems

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Eventide’s engineers are industry experts for recording of digital radio systems and IP Dispatch systems.

Eventide is a member of the NXDN-Forum, which promotes the NXDN set of digital radio standards. Eventide (and our partners) offer highly effective recording solutions for the following NXDN-based radio systems:

JVC Kenwood

Eventide Inc. is a licensed developer for JVCKenwood

Kenwood NexEdge Trunking

NexLog DX-Series communications recorders support direct IP-based call recording of Group calls on the Kenwood NexEdge “Type C” Trunking (Generation 1 and Generation 2) systems.  This capability is enabled via integration to the Kenwood Voice Logging Interface (VLI) on “Type C” controller-based trunking systems.

Additional Information:
Eventide Application Note – JVC Kenwood Type C Gen1/Gen2 Recording

NexLog DX-Series recorders can also record Kenwood NexEdge calls via interface to a supported IP-based Dispatch system from manufacturers including Avtec, Zetron and Telex.  The NexLog DX-Series recorder interoperates with the IP Dispatch system to capture, record, and archive the IP audio streams and call-related metadata from dispatch-subscribed talkgroup transmissions.

Please contact the Eventide Sales Department for a review of your Kenwood NexEdge call recording needs.

Designed, Assembled and Supported in the USA

NexLog DX-Series communications recorders and software applications are developed and maintained in the USA by Eventide’s highly-talented engineering team – assuring prompt responses to changing market needs and customer requirements. In addition, all NexLog DX-Series recorders are assembled, tested, and supported at our New Jersey USA production and support facility.