Virtualized Solutions and NexLog CloudSync

Virtualized Solutions

MediaWorks Interface

The Linux Advantage

Ease of Use

The same great NexLog features and functions offered as Software as a Service (Saas).

Channel Capacity:

•   560 VoIP Channels

•    More then 70 integrations: Cisco, Mitel, P25 Radio, DMR and more

•   Analog/Digital connectivity supported by the Smart Edge Capture Device (SECD)

Virtual Machines

NexLog SaaS recording solutions that are supported on VMware and Hyper-V and run on your pre-existing hardware.

Smart Edge Capture Device (SECD)

Captures, buffers, encrypts, and transfers up to 24 analog, 24 digital, 48 T1, 60 E1, 120 VoIP channels to a VM, and is 1U rack mountable.


NexLog SaaS recording solutions that run in various cloud environments such as AWS GovCloud or Azure.

Protect yourself with fast off-site disaster recovery hosted in AWS GovCloud. This product provides immediate access to archived recordings from anywhere with an internet connection, using the same MediaWorks web-based client as your NexLog recorder.


• Geo-diverse resiliency

• Consolidation of decentralized NexLog DXs

• Search, playback, and compilation of court-admissible evidence

Helping You:

• Make more informed decisions

• Protect yourself with proof of what occurred

• Achieve your performance goals

• Access your recordings 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection

• Ensure the quality of your critical communications

By utilizing Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series communications recorders and NexLog CloudSync, organizations can be confident in the protection, accessibility, and resiliency of their crucial recordings while benefiting from the improved security, compliance, and efficiency that these advanced solutions provide.

NexLog CloudSync provides off-site disaster recovery without building new infrastructure, minimizing downtime and data loss for fast, reliable disaster recovery. Archived recordings are available immediately in the event of a primary site outage.

• Hosted in AWS GovCloud

• Supports mission-critical workloads

• Meets compliance mandates

• Backed up in seconds

• 256-bit encryption

• Secure restoration

• Archive retention control

• Off-site disaster recovery

• Outage accessibility

• Add-on enhancements

• Data aggregation

• AI capabilities

• Expert local support

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