Eventide NexLog DX Feature Spotlight:

Speech Factor™ AI
Your Efficient Safety Net

As a 911 center director, imagine knowing within seconds when the word "gun" is mentioned on any of your 911 lines. If a child was abducted in a "red van," wouldn't it be helpful to search all calls from the last seven days for this phrase and get results quickly? Or perhaps you want alerts when the words "tornado funnel," "forest fire," or "flood" are mentioned to respond swiftly to natural disasters. AI transcription and phrase spotting make this possible, and it’s to everyone’s advantage to use it.

AI audio transcription converts spoken language into text using machine learning, facilitating automatic transcription of audio recordings. This technology simplifies analyzing and retrieving information from large volumes of audio data, which is invaluable for public safety agencies.

Eventide Communications’ Speech Factor AI offers a comprehensive solution for managing and analyzing vast amounts of audio data. This service for Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recorders handles real-time and retrospective transcription for litigation, training, and forensic analysis. It enhances situational awareness, incident reconstruction, and QA/QC automation.

  1. Time and Resource Efficiencies: Automates transcription and keyword alerts, reducing manual data analysis time.
  2. Improved Situational Awareness and Operational Response: Provides real-time alerts and detailed transcriptions for immediate access to crucial information.
  3. Enhanced Training and Quality Assurance: Helps evaluate dispatcher performance, identify improvement areas, and provide training material.
  4. Reliable Liability Partner: Accurate transcriptions serve as reliable evidence in legal disputes to protect your agency and ensure accountability.

Eventide’s Speech Factor AI’s phrase spotting and alerting capabilities enable supervisors to instantly identify keywords during calls, such as "fire" or "gunshot." It allows you to separate recordings into categories like emergency medical dispatch, police department, and fire and then into subcategories like domestics, heart attacks, car fires, etc. Historical mining allows searching past recordings for investigations, litigation, funding validation, and quality assurance. Cloud-hosted with the latest algorithms, Speech Factor AI is available on a pay-as-you-go model.  Try it out to see how it works for your team!

Speech Factor AI is available for purchase in blocks of 1,000 hours of real-time transcription or as low as $6 per hour for real-time transcription and/or historical mining, making it a cost-effective solution for your transcription needs.

Speech Factor AI allows users to do what they don’t have enough time or people to do. Don’t be without this efficient safety net! Optimize your resources and better serve your community and organization today!