Eventide Communications Expands its NexLog DX-Series Recorders to the Small and Medium-Sized Call Center Market

LITTLE FERRY, New Jersey, April 10, 2024 – Today, Eventide Communications announced the availability of its NexLog DX-Series recorders for the small to medium-sized call center market. Recognized as the leading choice for public safety communications recording, Eventide is broadening its market presence with new integrations, making its advanced technology accessible to call centers.

The NexLog DX-Series recorders bring to the call center market a robust set of features designed to meet the complex recording requirements of modern call centers. This includes compatibility with essential communication systems such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Avaya Aura Platform, and more, as well as functionalities for screen recording. “The series stands out for its comprehensive integration capabilities, allowing call centers to merge telephony communications with operations or security centers that may utilize radio or other communication systems, ensuring a unified recording solution across platforms,” said Brad Basile, COO of Eventide Communications.

With the expansion into call center operations, Eventide leverages its expertise in recording technology, offering solutions that are not only limited to telephony but also extend to recording radio communications from manufacturers like Motorola, Tait, and Kenwood. This versatility makes the NexLog DX-Series ideal for call centers with broader communication recording needs, including security departments.

Key features of the NexLog DX-Series include a powerful reporting engine, quality assurance tools, artificial intelligence integrations, and an intuitive user interface. These functionalities are designed to simplify the process of research, replay, export, and more, enabling efficient and effective call center operations.

Eventide’s commitment to innovative reliability positions NexLog DX-Series recorders as the ideal system for call centers looking for a comprehensive recording solution. The introduction of this technology to the call center market represents Eventide’s ongoing dedication to providing superior communication recording solutions across industries.

Please visit Eventide Communications’ website for more information about NexLog DX-Series recorders and how they can benefit your call center’s operations, quality control, legal defensibility, and customer satisfaction.

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