Eventide Announces the Release of NexLog DX-Series 2023.1

NexLog DX-Series release version 2023.1 is now available for download to dealers on the Partner Resource Site. Among many exciting new features are new NG911 call-taking systems, CAD systems and radio platform integrations. The release also includes the latest Debian 11 Linux cybersecurity updates. All DX-Series recording solutions with a DX Software Update Subscription (DXSUS) are eligible to install the new release.

High Resolution Surveillance Camera Recording

NexLog DX-Series recording solutions now support native IP camera recording for cameras with up to 8K resolution. IP camera recording is an important additional media source in several market segments. Air Traffic Control towers, Mining, Manufacturing, and Energy exploration all rely on IP cameras to augment and corroborate their voice communications. Now the DX-Series recording solutions can natively record and provide multimedia synchronized playback, all within the user-friendly and intuitive browser-based MediaWorks DX replay application.

Enhanced Speech Factor AI

Eventide’s built-in Artificial Intelligence tool, Speech Factor AI, is a groundbreaking productivity and analysis tool. Providing near real-time transcription and word spotting capability, Speech Factor AI can deliver automated e-mail, network management notifications(SNMP) and designate calls for further QA evaluation based on spoken words.  Speech-to-text formatted as inbound/outbound call conversations also saves valuable staff hours where transcription is called for. With 2023.1, Speech Factor AI has been enhanced further to allow for analysis and word spotting on demand for any subset of calls or always on for every call.

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