Eventide NexLog DX Feature Spotlight:

CAD Integrations and Database Fusion

Are you spending days searching for recordings?

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) data is essential for finding and organizing recordings. NexLog DX associates CAD data to audio recordings with its real-time data import tool, Database Fusion. This licensable add-on feature allows you to directly extract selected data from your CAD reporting or replication Structured Query Language (SQL) database with unparalleled intelligence, speed, and efficacy.

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) can use CAD Incident IDs to locate specific calls quickly and efficiently. When metadata is shared between the CAD and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems, additional recordings related to a given CAD Incident ID can be identified and retrieved automatically during the search process. Database Fusion enhances the search capability, allowing more comprehensive access to recordings and facilitating a more streamlined workflow.

The CAD Incident Type can filter specific types of recordings — such as fire, emergency medical dispatch, domestic, etc. — to facilitate targeted quality assurance processes and support budget justification efforts based on timing and volume of calls for each incident type. This approach allows for a more efficient review and analysis of recordings relevant to operational or financial evaluations.

Research that would take hours is reduced to minutes!

Feel the power of Database Fusion. Merge CAD data with recording data for powerful contextual searches. Find all recorded content associated with a CAD Incident (audio, radio, screen recordings) and other data related to the incident. Get the information you need with Eventide Communications’ Database Fusion feature.

Eventide has integrations to CentralSquare, Hexagon, Spillman Flex, PremierOne, New World by Tyler Technologies, Versaterm, Computer Information Systems (CIS), ProPhoenix, Sun Ridge Systems, GeoConex, and Southern Software through application programming interfaces and replicated database queries. With Database Fusion, more CAD systems can be integrated into Eventide’s NexLog DX series of recorders.

Database Fusion

Database Fusion is a licensable add-on feature for Eventide's NexLog DX communication recording solutions. It integrates Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) data with audio and other recordings, enhancing the ability to search, organize, and retrieve these recordings based on specific incident details. This real-time data import tool allows for directly extracting information from CAD reporting or replication SQL databases, providing unparalleled intelligence, speed, and efficacy in managing and accessing recordings. By linking CAD data such as Incident IDs with corresponding audio recordings, Database Fusion facilitates quicker, more efficient searches, enabling users to rapidly find specific calls or incidents. This integration improves the overall workflow and supports detailed and targeted analysis for quality assurance, operational reviews, and financial justifications, making it a critical feature for organizations that require fast and accurate access to recorded communications.