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Meeting the Recording Challenges of Evolving PTT over LTE, MCPTT, and LMR Recording Technologies


This webinar will present an overview of the current state of “PTT over LTE” and MCPTT as complementary technologies to LMR. We’ll also discuss approaches for meeting PTT recording requirements today and into the future.

Presented by Zetron’s John Martyn, with support from Eventide’s Brad Basile and Mark Traeger


October 20, 2021 at 1 PM ET

Free for APCO members; $59 for non-members

Meet Our Presenters

John Martyn, Senior Product Manager at Zetron Inc., has extensive subject matter expertise across the global 2G, 3G, and 4G industry, a skillset defined by decades of operational, engineering, sales, and product development roles centered on enhancing emergency call and dispatching solutions. At Zetron, John works on a worldwide team of innovators producing customer driven design and next generation emergency response solutions for LMR and LTE enabled command & control centers. His desire to always improve the usefulness of technology was founded in 2001 as a member of an AT&T Wireless team that used nascent cellular location technology to aid SAR at the WTC ground zero site on 9/11. John is currently contributing to NPSTC in the USA and TCCA in Europe as a member of LMR/LTE Interoperability working groups seeking to publish best practices that highlight the broadband future that applies to the emergency response command and control continuum.

Brad Basile has extensive experience with telecom, trunked radio platforms and most recently LTE infrastructure. His prior experience includes working in the military with network management systems and project management at Dialogic and Intel. Overall, Brad’s demonstrated knowledge allows him to understand the factors that drive telecom and recording decisions, ensuring that Eventide delivers best in breed products that meet customers’ requirements.

Since 1988, Mark Traeger has been at the forefront of the voice recording and performance improvement space. Starting out when reel-to-reel recording was considered “state-of-the-art”, Mark has witnessed the rapid evolution of recording technology firsthand within both the Mission Critical and Contact Center markets. Through his combined experience and expertise, Mark ensures that Eventide customers are able to take advantage of the perfect stable and reliable tools for their operations.