TETRA Radio Recording

NexLog DX-Series Recording Solutions for TETRA Radio Systems

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Eventide’s engineers are industry experts for recording of Land Mobile Radio systems, including TETRA Systems.

Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA IP TETRA Radio System

NexLog DX-Series communications recorders support recording of Group calls, Private Calls, and Telephone Interconnect calls occurring on current Motorola Dimetra IP TETRA radio systems. The NexLog DX-Series recorder interoperates with the customer’s Archive Interface Server/CRAM and Voice Processing Module to capture, record, and archive the IP audio streams and call-related metadata for each voice transmission. Eventide is an Authorized Application Provider for Motorola Dimetra.  The Eventide integration to Dimetra IP has been validated at Motorola Solutions’ EMEA Dimetra validation lab in Glostrup, Denmark. Eventide currently offers integration to Dimetra IP Version 8.2.

Please contact the Eventide Sales Department for additional information.

Additional Information:
Eventide Application Note – Motorola Dimetra IP
NexLog Dimetra IP Validation Certificate

DAMM TETRA Flex Radio Systems, via Omnitronics TETRA Gateway DM

NexLog DX-Series communications recording solutions can record Group Call audio occurring on DAMM’s TETRA Flex v 8.02 networks, via an IP interface to Omnitronics’ TETRA Gateway DM. Up to 32 TETRA Flex Talkgroups may be recorded via connection to the Omnitronics gateway.

Please contact the Eventide Sales Department for additional information.