NexLog Commercial Products for Government/Military Markets

Information Regarding NexLog Recorder Commerciality, Product Changes and On-Site Availability

  NexLog Recorder Commerciality

  • Eventide’s NexLog communications recording products are commercial off the shelf (COTS) items that are widely available in the commercial marketplace and that are also purchased by many government organizations.
  • Commercial users of NexLog COTS recorders include Electric Utilities, Gas Utilities, Hospitals, Colleges, Universities, Sports Venues, Casino/Resorts, Theme Parks, Mines, Oil & Gas facilities, Railroads, Airlines, Electronics Manufacturers, Automobile Manufacturers, Aircraft Manufacturers, and Food & Beverage Manufacturers. 
  • Government Users of NexLog COTS recorders include 9-1-1 Communication Centers, Dispatch Centers, Police Departments, Fire Departments, EMS and Ambulance Departments, National Parks, Federal Administrative Agencies, Air Traffic Management authorities and Defense Agencies.

  NexLog Product Changes and Customization: 

  • Eventide Inc. considers potential changes to the NexLog products based on an assessment of commerciality.  If a requested product change will be attractive to the commercial marketplace, then that change to the standard product may be considered for implementation.  Any such developed or implemented change(s) will be simultaneously productized by Eventide for all markets and users. 
  • Eventide Inc. does not modify products for military or surreptitious use; only standard COTS NexLog commercial products are offered in the Government markets.

  On-Site Arrangements and Security Clearances:

  • Eventide primarily sells NexLog communications recorder products via value-adding channel partners such as dealers and government contractors.  These channel partners (as part of their value-add proposition) are normally responsible for all on-site activities such as installation, training, site acceptance testing (SAT) and ongoing support.  Eventide offers technical training classes to the channel partners. 
  • On-site roles by Eventide Inc. personnel (if offered by Eventide) are typically limited to standard product-usage training and/or SAT overview.
  • Eventide employees do not hold security clearances with any national government.