Eventide Recording for JVC KENWOOD NEXEDGE Trunked Radio Systems

Solution Overview:

Eventide’s NexLog 740 DX-Series and NexLog 840 DX-Series recording solutions can reliably record received and transmitted PTT calls, including metadata, from the JVC Kenwood NEXEDGE Gen1/Gen2 trunked radio systems. The captured metadata enables powerful searching, sorting and reporting on radio calls and data.


  • Recording is performed using the network-connected VoIP JVC Kenwood Voice Logging Interface (VLI)
  • The Kenwood VLI provides calls and metadata to the NexLog over a trunked VoIP connection

Types of calls that can be recorded:

  • Group Call (Two way and Broadcast PTT)
  • Individual Call (PTT between units using Subscriber Unit ID)
  • Interconnect Call (PTT involving devices connected to the PSTN or a PABX)
  • All Call (PTT to units having a particular Subscriber Group Identity)

Metadata received and attached to each recording includes:

  • Group ID
  • Source ID
  • Destination ID
  • Call Type
  • Emergency Call Indicator

Eventide Recording Channel and Licensing Requirements:

  • Eventide VoIP recording channels equivalent to the number of talk paths (total simultaneous calls) to be recorded. (P/N 271052, 271035)
  • Eventide Kenwood Gen1/Gen2 recording integration license (P/N 209269)
  • EVentide DVSI decoder resource(s) required for playback (P/N 324720)

JVC Kenwood Licensing Requirements:

  • Licensing for the JVC Kenwood Voice Logging Interface (VLI) is required
  • (Contact JVC Kenwood via James Jones at jjones@us.jvckenwood.com)