NexLog DX-Series Recording Solutions
The Most Reliable and Configurable Mission-Critical Recording Products for L3Harris EDACS Trunked Radio Systems with Migration Gateway and VIDA

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L3Harris EDACS Recording

NexLog DX-Series communications recorders support the recording of Group Calls occurring on an L3Harris EDACS Trunked Radio system that has been interfaced to an L3Harris VIDA (SR10A or later) via an L3Harris Migration Gateway.  The NexLog DX-Series recorder interoperates with the VIDA system via VNIC interface to capture, record, and archive the IP audio streams and call-related metadata from each EDACS voice transmission.  The same NexLog DX-Seriesrecorder can be used to record L3Harris P25 calls during and after the migration from EDACS to L3Harris P25.

Additional Information:
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