Eventide Specializes In Helping System Integrators Worldwide To Meet Their Customers' Critical Recording Needs

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System Integrators

System Integrators worldwide prefer and specify Eventide NexLog recorders for their clients' mission critical recording needs.  Eventide works closely with System Integrators, Prime Contractors, Subcontractors and Project Managers to bring reliable and flexible recording solutions to a wide range of projects.  We work with many Civil Aviation integrators, Transportation system integrators, Petrochemical integrators, and Government/Military integrators and contractors.

Eventide recorders have been specified or installed at many types of critical facilities, including:

  • Emergency Communications and 9-1-1 Centers
  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Facilities
  • Offshore Gas & Oil Production Facilities
  • Onshore Petrochemical Facilities
  • Air Traffic Control & Air Traffic Management Centers
  • Airline Ground Operations
  • Transportation Command Centers (Subways, Trains, and more)
  • Utility Operations and Command Centers
  • Security Command Centers
  • Mobile Emergency Command Vehicles
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Healthcare and Emergency Dispatch Facilities
  • School, College, and University Security
  • Governmental Communications Projects and P25 Radio
  • Military Shipboard Applications

Contact us to review your clients' specific recording requirements, and for system consultations and quotations to meet customers' needs.

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