Eventide Recording Products Are Sold And Serviced By A Worldwide Network of Sales and OEM Partners

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Sales Partners

Eventide's diverse network of Sales & Service Partners includes:

Call Recording Resellers and Distributors

Specialists and experts in Call Recording Solutions for a wide range of markets, including Cartel Communication Systems (Canada) and Eventide's network of 5-Star resellers in the USA (many of whom have sold and supported Eventide recorders for over 20 years!).  5-Star resellers include Vista Com, Carolina Recording Systems, Nelson Systems, Quality Recording Systems, Goserco, Sound Communications, and WahlTek.

Land Mobile Radio System Resellers

Specialists and experts in Land Mobile Radio systems and Radio Dispatch systems, as well as Call Recording systems.

Telephone Interconnect Resellers

Specialists and experts in PBX and IP-Telephony solutions and peripheral systems, as well as Call Recording systems.

Manufacturers and OEM Distribution Partners

Providers of Dispatch, Land Mobile Radio, 9-1-1, NG9-1-1, ATC/ATM, PAGA, Intercom and other critical communications systems.

System Integrators and Communications Sub-Contractors

Designers and providers of complex critical communications solutions for major industrial, ATC/ATM, corrections and governmental projects worldwide.

Contact us to find an Eventide Sales Partner, or to discuss how to become an Eventide Sales Partner or OEM Partner:

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