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Quality Factor QA Software

NEW!  APCO-Standard QA Templates:   Eventide now offers a set of 6 Quality Factor templates for Case Evaluation and Scoring, per the sample templates in the informative Appendix 2 of APCO/NENA ANS "Standard for the Establishment of a Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement Program for Public Safety Answering Points".  The Quality Factor form templates for Case Evaluation and Scoring are: Call Taking for Police Incidents, Dispatching for Police Incidents, Call Taking for Fire Incidents,  Dispatching for Fire incidents,  Call Taking for EMS Incidents, and Dispatching for EMS incidents.

Eventide has developed Quality Factor software to help you answer the following questions and more:

  • How are your dispatchers and call takers performing?
  • What training should you offer them?
  • Who are your stars?
  • Who needs to improve specific skills in order to get that raise or promotion?
Quality Factor software is a tool to help communications center managers evaluate and quantify the performance of dispatchers and call takers.  With Quality Factor software, you can easily measure performance trends and identify the skills that need improvement.
Rather than just having a general sense of a staff members' skills such as communications, empathy, accuracy, conformance, and software tool usage, Quality Factor software allows you to breakdown a call or series of calls to identify and quantify call taker and dispatcher proficiency in each of these areas of performance.

Easy to Use Form Builder

Quality Factor software includes an Evaluation Form builder that lets you very quickly design forms that are specific to your center’s needs.  Evaluation questions and forms can be quickly adapted for special incidents, changing protocols, and new requirements.  

Integrated Replay and Evaluation

Evaluations are performed from within MediaWorks PLUS browser-based software. Simply select a call (or calls), right-click, select Evaluate, and choose the desired form. The evaluation form (shown below) appears in a new tab.

Quality Factor Reports

Quality Factor reports help identify key performance results (on an individual, shift, and center basis) so that training can be focused on areas that need improvement. Quality Factor reports also provide analytical support data to bolster budgetary requests, and to address citizen and governmental quality/performance inquiries.  
Quality Factor software includes the following standard reports:
  • Evaluation Score Trends Report:  Provides graphical displays of evaluation scores over time for all agents, per agent, and per evaluator. Also displays flags per agent.
  • Intragroup Score Trends Report:  Provides graphical displays of evaluation scores over time for all agents in a single agent group, and per agent within the group.
  • Interform Score Trends Report:  Provides a graphical display of evaluation scores over time, between forms.
  • Skill Trends Report:  Provides a graphical comparison of evaluation scores by skill.



Quality Factor is a software option for Eventide NexLog Communications Logging Recorders.  Evaluations are performed via MediaWorks PLUS browser-based software.

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