MediaWorks DX Software
Advanced Incident Reconstruction, Multi-Channel Replay, Instant Recall and More!

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MediaWorks DX Software

The MediaWorks DX software option for NexLog DX-Series recording solutions provides secure access, replay and management of audio, screen, multimedia, text and TDD recordings. It is available via web browser on PCs, tablets and phones (using secure HTML5 technology) or as a native application on a PC.  MediaWorks DX provides a complete set of tools to Browse, Search, Replay, Instant Recall, Live Monitor, Reconstruct Incidents, Protect, Export and much more.

Capabilities of MediaWorks DX include:

  • Graphical Time-Line
  • Waveform Display
  • Talking Time and Date
  • Zoom In/Out
  • Loop Playback
  • Skip Forward/Back
  • Playback AGC
  • Pitch-Corrected Variable Speed
  • Redact Audio
  • Obfuscate Audio
  • Audio Annotation
  • Text Annotation
  • Screen Replay
  • Text/SMS Replay
  • Multimedia Replay
  • Call Notes
  • Lock Recordings
  • Protect Calls
  • Quarantine Recordings
  • Pop-Out Search Tools
  • Geo-Fence Search
  • Speech Search
  • Location Display**
  • Location Tracking**
  • Multi-Parameter Search
  • Create Incident
  • Modify Incident
  • Attach Other Media
  • Split/Join Audio Clips
  • Restrict Access
  • Share Incident Folder
  • Pre-Set Exports
  • Menu Driven Export
  • Incident Export
  • Single and Multi-Recording Export
  • Export with Secure Standalone Player
  • Phone and Tablet Support
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Configurable Layout
  • Dark Mode
  • Touch Screen Support
  • Accessibility Modes
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Auditing

Additional capabilities and details are provided below...

Desktop and Mobile Access

MediaWorks DX software offers extreme flexibility.  You can access and use the MediaWorks DX software from any of the following modern devices (using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or IE9/10 browsers and with secure network access to the NexLog recorder).

  • Windows PC
  • Windows tablet
  • Apple MAC
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iPhone
  • Android tablet
  • Android smartphone

Geo-Location and Geo-Fencing Capabilities

MediaWorks DX is available with an optional Geo-Location Search and Display capability, which utilizes Google Maps* (via the user's PC browser) to display the call locations of wireless 9-1-1 calls (for presentation of historic metadata** based on lattitude/longitude coordinates provided in 3rd party 9-1-1 ANI/ALI data). You can even search for wireless 9-1-1 recordings by drawing a geofence.

Powerful Search Tools

Simple yet powerful search and filter capabilities enable you to quickly locate and identify desired recordings, or you can locate calls by any individual record parameter, such as channel or call start time.

Graphical TimeLine View

MediaWorks DX software’s graphical timeline helps you quickly visualize the relationships between multiple recordings that span multiple channels. To help navigate within the graphical timeline, MediaWorks DX software includes convenient scroll and zoom controls. Selected calls can be copied to a separate incident tab that has its own graphical timeline, or may be directly exported for use as evidence.

Flexible Playback Capabilities

Recordings may be replayed sequentially or mixed. Controls include pitch-corrected adjustable speed, loop, skip forward/back, playback AGC and many more.

Incident Recording Management

MediaWorks DX software lets you easily organize groups of related calls into saved incidents. Each incident can be managed on a dedicated tab with its own graphical timeline view – allowing you to manage multiple incidents on the same screen. As additional calls are located, they can be copied via into an existing incident, allowing you to build-up the complete set of relevant calls or media. For ease of future recall, incidents can be saved remotely on the source recorder.

Flexible Export & Email

The menu-driven export tool lets you quickly make copies of complete incidents or individual calls. Send via email, export to file(s), or export to USB, CD, DVD or Blu-ray.

Instant Recall

MediaWorks DX software includes a comprehensive Instant Recall mode, allowing call takers and dispatchers to quickly access and listen to the current or previous calls.

Protection from Deletion

MediaWorks DX software allows you to prevent selected recordings (or each recording in an incident) from being automatically deleted from the source recorder. Protection helps assure that critically-important recordings are retained and available for future reference.

Screen Replay

Use screen replay to review multimedia interactions, and to help evaluate staff performance.

Text Message Replay

Recorded text interactions can be viewed and replayed (for TDD and SMS-to-911 via 45 Baud analog TTY; also for i3-standard NG911 MMS).

Multiple-Channel Live Monitoring

MediaWorks DX software includes multiple-channel live monitoring, allowing you to listen to multiple audio sources as they are occurring.

Secure User Access to Recordings

Securely access assigned resources via networked PCs using Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. MediaWorks DX software secures access to recordings based on user names & passwords, in order to protect recordings and related data.

Waveform Displays

You can visually determine the locations of audio content and silence within important recordings.

Voice Annotation, Text Annotation, and Call Notes

Multiple text annotations and/or Voice annotations can be quickly added to recordings along the time-line, documenting the timing of important actions and events. You can also quickly create a searchable note that summarizes the important events within each recording.

Audio Redaction

The built-in audio redaction tool empowers you to protect or obfuscate private information prior to export.

Talking Date & Time

Spoken date & time can be enabled during replay, and may be incorporated within exported media.

Evaluate Calls with Quality Factor DX Software

You can evaluate interactions via the Eventide Quality Factor DX software option, which appears on a separate tab in MediaWorks DX.

* Optional feature; requires direct Google Maps access from end-user’s PC/browser. 

** The NexLog DX-Series geo-display is for forensic purposes only, and should not be utilized for real-time dispatchable location.  For real-time dispatchable location, use only location data as provided by the PSAP's 9-1-1 Call Handing system, CAD system, and/or Mapping/GIS system.

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