NexLog DX-Series Software Update Subscription

The Importance of Continuous DXSUS (DX-Series Software Update Subscription):

The NexLog DX-Series software is updated by Eventide on a regular basis. The available DX Software Update Subscription (DXSUS) program provides owners of NexLog DX-Series products with ongoing access to software updates. Each software update may include:

  • Linux cyber-security updates, including all vulnerability exposure resolutions that have been released to the public
  • Functional and performance updates
  • Recently developed software patches

When a NexLog DX-Series recording product is purchased, it is automatically eligible for access to Eventide-provided software updates (DXSUS) during the first 12 Months. Renewal of DXSUS can be purchased in 12 Month increments. Since continuous DXSUS is required for ongoing access to software updates, any lapse in DXSUS must be post-purchased prior to resuming access to software updates.

The Serial Number of the NexLog DX-Series recording product is used for tracking of DXSUS eligibility. Therefore, that Serial Number must be referenced when ordering renewal periods of DXSUS.

When to renew: It is always advisable to renew before the current DXSUS becomes inactive.

What happens if DXSUS is not renewed: The software will continue to operate as normal, however, all users and administrators will be notified by a customizable* persistent alert message. Software upgrades will not be possible until DXSUS is renewed, and a provided license key has been entered.

Eventide products that are eligible for DXSUS:

  • Nexlog 740 DX-Series Recorder
  • NexLog 840 DX-Series Recorder
  • NexLog VM40 DX-Series Virtual Recorder
  • Eventide Secure Edge Capture Device (SECD)

Pricing for DXSUS: Pricing is based on Eventide’s list price for the NexLog DX-Series recording solution or SECD (including all licensed software options).

  • End customers should contact their Eventide reseller for a DXSUS renewal price quotation.
  • Eventide resellers may contact Eventide for a DXSUS renewal price quotation.

*Eventide resellers may customize the alert message to include their own contact information.