New Multimedia Capability in MediaWorks DX Software Helps Complete an Incident’s Story

NexLog DX-Series software (starting with version 2021.1) offers an optional User Content Upload capability.  This powerful new feature allows users and investigators to add multimedia and other content to an incident.  Examples of content that can be uploaded include drone videos, body camera videos, audio files, surveillance video clips, ATC screen imagery , photographs, and text documents.   Playback of the uploaded content occurs within a MediaWorks DX incident tab. Uploaded content can be time-synchronized with the NexLog DX system’s audio and screen recordings.  The uploaded multimedia content is stored on the NexLog DX-Series recorder, and can be easily exported along with an incident’s voice and screen recordings.

Through the use of Eventide’s optional “Pack and Go” feature. An incident that includes user-uploaded multimedia content can be bundled with an installable MediaWorks DX player. The packaged incident can then be sent to an investigator who can simply install the player and replay the multimedia incident – without any need for a connection to the source NexLog DX recorder.

To learn more about Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series Recording Solutions and MediaWorks DX Incident Replay Software, visit our Products page.

Note: Some types of uploaded media may require a browser plug-in. For example, a Microsoft WORD document can only be rendered in a browser that has a suitable plug-in.