LDAP Authentication Issue (Domain/Realm Omitted for Authentication) Incremental Update for 2024.1 /

This notice provides instructions for obtaining and installing update software to address LDAP functionality in 2024.1 This incremental update is required for the use of LDAP in 2024.1 and It does not require a reboot or any action after installation; LDAP authentication that was working in 2023.5 will resume working in 2024.1 immediately after applying the patch.

Warning: You will need to log in to the recorder with a local user admin account that does not rely on LDAP authentication to be able to apply this incremental update. Please confirm you have valid credentials for a local admin user before upgrading to 2024.1 because you will not be able to login with an LDAP user account until this incremental update is applied.

To apply the incremental update to the NexLog DX-Series recorder:

  1. Download the AppendLDAPRealm_20240209_CE-10408.update file from the public link below.
  2. (Optional) Compare the checksum of the file downloaded to the SHA 256 listed below.
  3. Login to Configuration Manager as a non-LDAP admin user, using a local admin account.
  4. Navigate to System: Upgrade,  as depicted in Image 1.
  5. Select “Upload an Incremental Update from your Desktop” and click the “Next” button.
  6. Click the “Choose File” button and find the AppendLDAPRealm_20240209_CE-10408.update you downloaded.
  7. Click the “Upload” button and the update will be applied and when finished it will display the “Update Applied Successfully” text as seen below in Image 2.
  8. Under System: System Info: History, you will see a new entry formatted like this also confirming the update has been applied: 
2024-02-22 23:21:572024.1[4306] IncrementalUpdate Append LDAP Realm – CE-10437

Incremental Update issued for CE-10407
SHA 256: f7073482ae7a9101b53b8d5dafe3fa0bcd67c84604f5fcd8c8651167f15de51e
Public Link: https://etide.io/TmTrn