Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Safety Incident Management Software for All Campus Environments

Ensuring the safety and security of educational environments is a priority for institutions across all levels. Eventide Communications is dedicated to facilitating campus safety through our trusted NexLog® DX-Series recorders. Our recording solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of schools, universities, and colleges, providing comprehensive incident management recording that covers everything from transportation communications to on-campus incidents.

Trusted by Leading Universities

Ivy League universities across the United States trust our NexLog DX-Series recorders. These campuses benefit from our recorders’ ability to manage large-scale incidents effectively. NexLog recorders capture essential details to support campus safety solutions, from campus-wide emergencies and protests to individual disputes

Supporting K-12 Schools with Truth and Proof

For K-12 schools, Eventide recorders are indispensable for maintaining order and safety. Whether it's disorderly conduct on school buses, fights in hallways, bomb threats, or vandalism, our safety incident management system provides the truth and proof of what occurred, supporting school administrators in making informed decisions and maintaining a safe environment.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Coverage: This safety incident management system captures and archives all calls, video, and screen activity from various sources, ensuring no incident goes unrecorded.
  • Incident Management: Simplifies the review process, allowing administrators to access and evaluate incidents quickly.
  • After-Action Review: Facilitates detailed analysis and learning from each incident to improve future responses and overall campus safety and security.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides immediate insights during active scenarios, such as school shooter situations or other critical events.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Delivers real-time phrase spotting and alerts with Speech Factor AI. This service option alerts personnel when “bomb,” “fight,” “gun,” or any other words or phrases are used in phone or radio calls.
  • Reliable Storage: Securely stores recordings, ensuring data integrity and availability when needed.

Benefits of Recording Campus Activity


Ensures all actions and incidents are documented, providing a clear record for reviews and investigations.


Helps hold individuals accountable by providing irrefutable evidence of their actions.

Safety Improvement

Identifies patterns and areas for improvement in campus safety protocols.

Peace of Mind

Offers students, parents, and staff reassurance that the school is committed to a safe environment.

Why Choose Eventide Communications?

Eventide Communications' NexLog DX recorders stand out for their reliability, ease of use, and comprehensive feature set. Our commitment to campus safety is reflected in our continuous support and innovative solutions tailored to educational institutions. Trust Eventide to provide the technology that secures your campus and safeguards your community.

Contact us today for more information on how Eventide Communications can help secure your school, university, or college.