Eventide Communications Announces Microsoft Teams Integration for Comprehensive Recording Solutions

LITTLE FERRY, New Jersey, February 15, 2024 – Eventide Communications, a leader in mission-critical recording systems, announces a new integration with Microsoft Teams, enhancing its NexLog DX line of communication recording solutions. This development allows organizations to capture Microsoft Teams calls alongside existing recording infrastructure, streamlining the recording process and ensuring holistic incident documentation.

Microsoft Teams, known for its centralized collaboration platform, has become integral to organizational communication, offering chat, video conferencing, and file sharing in one unified platform. With this latest integration, Eventide adds to its robust list of over 80 integrations, providing a seamless recording solution for 911 and administrative telephone systems, land mobile radios and radio consoles.

The integration ensures that all communications, including those over Microsoft Teams, are recorded and managed through Eventide’s NexLog DX recorder. This single-point management simplifies workflows, reduces operational costs, and delivers court-admissible evidence that adheres to legal requirements and chain of custody.

Deployment options for the integration include on-premises solutions with a proxy to Microsoft Teams in the cloud and a software-based solution, either hosted in the customer’s environment or hosted by Eventide.

Key features include robust security and recording policy management, giving organizations complete control to ensure compliance with privacy standards. Eventide offers a FIPS-compliant (140-2) hardened Linux appliance option for added security.

Eventide’s approach to integration emphasizes operational efficiency without sacrificing security or performance. Organizations are encouraged to consolidate their recording needs, leveraging Eventide’s technology to maintain a comprehensive, legally sound and efficient recording ecosystem.

For more information on recording Microsoft Teams communications with Eventide’s solutions or to learn about the full capabilities of the NexLog DX-Series recorders, contact Eventide Communications or your local dealer.

“We see a strong trend in public safety migrating administrative phone systems to cloud-hosted solutions, and Microsoft Teams appears to be the leader. Eventide is excited to bring this feature to market to complement our focused support for public safety and mission-critical industries,” says Eventide’s VP of Sales, Mark Traeger.

Visit Eventide’s Microsoft Teams recording page for more details.

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