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ProQA replays NexLog recordings!

Priority Dispatch AQUA Evolution users can now find and replay NexLog recordings directly from within the AQUA user interface, greatly enhancing the workflow and efficiency of EMD evaluators.

Up-Time and Freedom

Eventide NexLog recorders help to free you from events that can negatively impact recording up-time and operations. The NexLog system’s embedded Operating System, embedded SQL database, and 100% web-based interfaces all help to isolate your recorder from common 3rd-party update/upgrade requirements.

  • Freedom from weekly updates & resulting reboot down-time.
  • Freedom from the need to install special client software on your desktop PCs.
  • Freedom from forced 3rd-party upgrades of Operating System and/or database.

Isolation from these common dependencies is a key reason why NexLog recorders have such an outstanding reputation for reliability and up-time.