Eventide Recording for Motorola Solutions' MOTOTRBO Connect Plus System Via Avtec Scout with VPgate

Solution Overview:

Eventide NexLog DX-Series recording solutions (and original NexLog \recorders) reliably capture, record, and archive the IP audio streams and call-related metadata from AVTEC’s Scout VoIP console system that has been interfaced via AVTEC VPGate to a MOTOTRBO CONNECT PLUS radio system

IP-Based Call Recording capabilities:

  • Records CONNECT PLUS Talk groups that are interfaced to the AVTEC Scout system
  • Records select and/or unselect audio from AVTEC Scout consoles
  • Records Conventional channels that are interfaced to the AVTEC Scout system
  • Records Calls on telephony circuits that are interfaced to the AVTEC Scout system

Endpoint Metadata option:

  • Captures group and endpoint identities, as well as detailed activities.
  • Metadata and related events are accurately displayed on a graphical timeline

Technical Details:

  • Records IP Unicast G.711 audio sent from AVTEC Scout consoles and AVTEC VPGate

AVTEC Certification:

  • The NexLog family of recorders has been certified at the GOLD-CE level by AVTEC Inc. 


  • Check with AVTEC (Motorola) regarding current availability of the proprietary interface between the AVTEC VPgate and the Mototrbo Connect Plus radio system. 

Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.