Eventide IP Recording for Zetron MAX Dispatch

Solution Overview:

Eventide NexLog DX-Series communications recording solutions (and original NexLog recorders) provide archival and instant recall recording for the Zetron MAX Dispatch System.  IP audio streams and metadata are reliably captured, recorded, and archived.  Recordings are immediately available for instant recall, replay, incident reconstruction and export.  The same Eventide recording solution can also record 9‐1‐1 and NG9‐1‐1 calls, telephones, trunked radio, conventional radio and PC screens.

Recording Connectivity:

  • Recording via dedicated SIP‐trunk(s) from Zetron Voice Logging Gateway(s)
  • Connection to multiple Voice Logging Gateways (VLG) is fully supported

Audio Format Supported:

  • G.711 (64kbps)

Metadata Capture:

  • Source Caller’s ID, Destination Caller’s ID, Channel and more

About Eventide:

Eventide is an OEM supplier of NexLog DX-Series recording solutions to Zetron.  NexLog DX-Series recorders offer strong interoperability with Zetron’s MAX Dispatch system, MAX Call Taking system, ACOM Console system and DCS‐5020 Console system. Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.