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Solution Overview:

Eventide's NexLog DX-Series recording solutions (and original NexLog recorders) can reliably record received and transmitted calls and call-associated metadata, as presented from the SmartPTT console system.

Audio recording capabilities with the Smart PTT system:

SmartPTT delivers calls and call-associated metadata (including location data where available) to the NexLog to over a trunked VoIP connection, known as the "SmartPTT Recording Protocol"

Metadata tagging of calls:

The SmartPTT recording protocol provides the following metadata to the NexLog DX-Series recording solution with each PTT:
  • Call Type (Group, Unit-to-Unit where applicable, Phone, etc.)
  • Radio ID
  • Talkgroup ID
  • Radio Alias
  • Talkgroup Alias
  • Priority (Normal, Emergency)
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Other metadata including call start time, duration and end time

Eventide configuration requirements:

  • Metadata Integration License for Dispatch, RoIP and Other Systems: P/N 209157
  • A quantity of VoIP Channels equivalent to the number of talk paths (total simultaneous calls) on the radio system.  The quantity of VoIP channels required depends on the method or type of radio system being used with the SmartPTT console:
    • For donor radios; one VoIP recording channel per donor radio
    • For conventional radio systems; one VoIP channel per frequency (or per talk path in the case of conventional TDM digital systems such as DMR Tier I/II)
    • For trunked radio systems (e.g. MotoTRBO Capacity Plus, MotoTRBO Linked Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect, MotoTRBO Capacity Max, and DMR Tier III); two VoIP recording channels are required per repeater

SmartPTT requirements:

Requires SmartPTT version 9.4 or greater. 
Contact SmartPTT for further licensing details and information
Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.