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Application Note: NexLog Recording for Harris EDACS with Migration Gateway & VIDA

Solution Overview:

NexLog communications recorders support the recording of Group Calls occurring on a Harris EDACS Trunked Radio system that has been interfaced to a Harris VIDA system via Harris Migration Gateway(s).  The NexLog recorder interoperates with the VIDA system via VNIC interface to capture, record, and archive the IP audio streams and call-related metadata from each EDACS voice transmission.  The same recorder can be used to record Harris P25 calls during and after the migration from EDACS to Harris P25.

Technical Details:

  • Harris Migration Gateway is required, which converts from EDACS format to P25 format
  • Harris VIDA system is required
  • VIDA system must be running SR10A or later

Audio and Metadata Capture Method:

  • NexLog connects to the VIDA system's VNIC interface to record calls

Other Details:

  • Optional P25 decoding resources are required on the NexLog recorder
  • Optional OTAR integration to Harris KMF may be needed
  • Please contact Eventide Sales to review specific requirements