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Application Note - NexLog Recording for EF Johnson ATLAS P25

Solution Overview:

Eventide NexLog IP‐based communications recorders support archival call recording for  EF Johnson ATLAS P25 trunked radio systems.  Calls are reliably captured, recorded, and archived, and recordings are available instantly for replay, research, incident reconstruction and export.  The same NexLog system can also record dispatch consoles, telephones, other radio sources and PC screens.

Audio Capture Method:

  • Recording of P25 audio via IP interface to EF Johnson ATLAS system
  • IP Connectivity to EF Johnson JEM server is also required

Decryption Support:

  • Provided via integration to networked EF Johnson JEM Server

Metadata Search Parameters:

  • Radio ID
  • TalkGroup ID
  • Date
  • Time
Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.