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Application Note: NexLog Recording for Motorola ASTRO 25

Solution Overview:

Eventide NexLog recorders reliably record and archive calls & metadata on Motorola Astro 25 talk groups and conventional channels.  Recordings are immediately available for replay, instant recall, incident reconstruction and export.  More than 150 NexLog/AIS recording systems have been sold.  The same NexLog recorder can also record 9‐1‐1/NG9‐1‐1 interactions, administrative phones and PC screens.

Audio recording capabilities via Motorola AIS/VPM interface:

  • Records calls on P25 TalkGroups
  • Records calls on P25 Conventional Channels (for Channels connected to ASTRO via DCCGW/Router)
  • Records calls on Analog Conventional Channels  (for Channels connected to ASTRO via CCGW/Router)

Metadata tagging of calls (per AIS-provided metadata): 

  • TalkGroup Alias (for P25 trunked)
  • Zone Alias & ID, Site Alias & ID
  • Individual Alias (for P25 trunked and P25 conventional)
  • Unit ID (P25 trunked and P25 conventional)
  • Conventional Resource Alias
  • Frequency Reference ID for Conventional with "frequency select".
  • Emergency
  • OTA encryption status (for P25 trunked)

Technical Details:

  • IP audio and metadata are automatically recorded via constant connection to one or more Motorola AIS/VPM pairs.
  • Up to 4 AIS/VPM connections per NexLog recorder
  • Supports both P25 Phase 1 and P25 Phase 2 calls
  • Special licensing is required for AIS-based recording, per each Astro version (contact Eventide for licensing details).
  • Standard AIS Alias strings (7-char) are mappable to user-administered custom Alias names

Connectivity Example:

ASTRO System Validation:

  • The NexLog integrations to ASTRO System Releases 7.11 ‐ 7.17 have been validated at the Motorola Partner lab in Illinois. 
  • NexLog integration to the older Astro System Release 7.9 is also available from Eventide.
  • NexLog recorders are regularly validated for new ASTRO system releases at the Motorola Partner lab in Illinois.