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Eventide Introduces NexLog version 2.7

Thursday, September 15, 2016

NexLog version 2.7 software has been released.  

New!  NexLog Encryption at Rest

  • Enhances security through the use of AES 256 bit encryption of stored voice files.
    • Encrypts audio recordings on the NexLog HDD array.
    • Encrypts audio recordings that are archived to removable media.
    • Encrypts audio recordings that are archived to Network Attached Storage.

New!  MediaWorks PLUS Desktop Software

  • Provides the features of the MediaWorks PLUS browser-based software, but as an installable package for Windows PCs.
  • Functions as Off-line Incident Playback software for use by investigators and attorneys.
  • Provides greatly improved functionality over the legacy MediaWorks and MediaAgent Windows clients.

New!  Interoperability Choices

  • Trunk-centric VoIP recording for Airbus Vesta 4.
  • Added support for Harris VIDA system releases SR10A.2 and SR10A.3.
  • Motorola Dimetra TETRA recording via AIS, for Dimetra version 8.2 on Dimetra IP, Dimetra IP Compact, and Dimetra IP Micro.

MediaWorks PLUS Enhancements

  • New and enhanced Timeline Zoom capabilities.
  • Improved annotation placement capability. 
  • Highlighting of the actively playing recording row.
  • Added progress-feedback while calls are being protected by the system. 
  • Improved HTTPS network Security, including TLS.

Quality Factor Features and Workflow Enhancements

  • Improved the look and feel for the evaluation forms (based on user feedback).
  • Dynamic updating and display of the current score during an evaluation.
  • Added email notifications for completions and actions.
  • Added a prompt in MediaWorks PLUS evaluations tab to notify when a change occurs to an evaluation (e.g. completed, comment added, etc.).
  • Added the ability to hide an evaluation from the individual being evaluated (until the evaluator decides how to proceed with the evaluation result).
  • Added “Evaluations Actions and Comments” section, which allows for documenting interactions between the evaluator and individual being evaluated.  New actions include being able to re-open, lock, protect, acknowledge, and digitally sign the evaluation.